Registered Charity: 1136745. Trustees: Simon Brister (Secretary and Financial), Nicky Hart (Legal), John Pearce (Chairman and Educational), Sam Pearce, Stephane Janes, Hannah Rooke.

KES supports education in Kenya, by providing scholarships to significantly disadvantaged bright, pupils to be boarding students at Bahati Division Academy (BDA) and other Kenyan schools; and by contributing to resources and facilities which will assist the education of these students.


KES supports education in Kenya, by sponsoring significantly disadvantaged bright, pupils to be boarding students at Bahati Division Academy (BDA) and other Kenyan schools; and by contributing to resources and facilities for BDA which will assist the education of these students.

Is KES a UK registered charity?
Yes, it is registered with the Charity Commission and its number is 1136745.

How much does it cost to sponsor a student?
The current rates (assuming gift aid applies) (January 2019) are:
Primary: £38.00 per month
Secondary: £45.00 per month

What does sponsorship pay for?
·       School tuition fees for a disadvantaged Kenyan scholar
·       Boarding fees
·       Pocket money
·       Necessities (eg shoes, medical expenses) so that the sponsored student is not at a disadvantage compared to a fee-paying student.

How long are we committed to support our sponsored student for?
We ask sponsors to commit to support their student through the student's current phase of education - this is normally for the 4 years through secondary school.
·       Primary school education is for 8 years.
·       Secondary school education is for 4 years.
·       University is 4 years but no sponsorship is required as it is state funded for successful applicants. However, additional raised funds by KES are sometimes used to cover small support grants on a individual basis as required.

Sponsored students at BDA progress from BDA Primary to one of our partner secondary schools only if they qualify academically. Some very gifted students will be offered places in some of Kenya’s very top secondary schools and we then continue their sponsorship at that school until they finish their secondary education.

Which Kenyan schools does KES work with? (Updated January 2018)
All the schools we work with have been especially vetted, Simon and John have visited each of schools personally. Joseph and Lydia regularly keep in touch with each school and the scholars to ensure they're looked after and happy.

Bahati Division Academy (BDA)
Sacred Heart Boys School, Nakuru
Vanessa Grant Girls School, Nakuru
Pangani Girls School, Nairobi
Starehe Boys' Centre, Nairobi
Starehe Girls' Centre, Nairobi

Sponsorship is quite a big commitment – are there other ways of supporting KES?
Yes! We very much welcome donations to KES.

We’re seeking to increase KES's income to support our aims beyond the payment of school fees, and to back up the school fees payments to the extent that sponsorship does not cover them because of fee rises and currency movements.

Through donations we have equipped a library,  IT lab and music studio at BDA.

All donations, however small, are extremely welcome and go directly to supporting KES's work.
In particular supporters may like to consider being a regular supporter by a lower monthly donation by standing order. Such donations are of particular help to KES as they enable us to do those extra things like pay for sending books or musical instruments, help with student’s extras and cover very minimal administration costs including varying exchange rates issues.

How are students selected for sponsorship?
KES supports bright and needy students. The selection process is an initial referral from a local chief, local pastor or other official. This is in conjunction with assessment from the national ‘end of primary’ national exam results (or in the case of a primary candidate, by BDA arranging an academic test) and a personal visit to verify that the student's circumstances are genuinely disadvantaged. The selection process is run by Joseph and Lydia Kiuna (the founders of BDA) - click here for more information.

What contact will we have with our sponsored student?
Sponsors receive copies of school reports for their students (3 per year) and also a newsletter three or four times a year. All newsletters and updates can be found on the our website at
Sponsors are welcome to correspond with students using the BDA PO Box address. Small gifts such as books, pencils, etc do not attract duty and can be sent in the post. For any more guidance, please get in touch.

How do we set up our sponsorship?
We ask sponsors to set up a monthly standing order in the agreed amount from the date of the sponsored student's admission (either January, May or September).

If you're a UK taxpayer we will ask you to complete a gift aid form.

Who runs KES?
KES is run by trustees, currently Simon Brister, John Pearce (Chair), Nicky Hart, Steph Janes, Hannah Rooke and Sam Pearce. All the trustees are unpaid.

What additional expenses does the sponsorship support?
Your sponsorship monthly payments go entirely to support your sponsored student by paying his or her school fees, boarding fees, pocket money and other necessities 

So school fees go up – but is our monthly payment fixed?
Yes. Your monthly payment will remain as we agreed at the start of the arrangement. We understand and respect that sponsors are making a significant commitment, at an agreed amount.

Information correct as of 21/4/2022

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