Registered Charity: 1136745. Trustees: Simon Brister (Secretary and Financial), Nicky Hart (Legal), John Pearce (Chairman and Educational), Sam Pearce, Stephane Janes, Hannah Rooke.

KES supports education in Kenya, by providing scholarships to significantly disadvantaged bright, pupils to be boarding students at Bahati Division Academy (BDA) and other Kenyan schools; and by contributing to resources and facilities which will assist the education of these students.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Summer 2018 Update

Regular readers will know it's been a turbulent time for KES and so Trustees were pleased to relax a little and reflect on the solid achievements of the last nine months, or so..

You'll see in our recent posts the following good news:

1. A great letter from one of our first KES University Scholars - Lucy McBaire.  It's an inspirational read and a tribute to BDA's motto, "Impact Our World"... Lucy is certainly poised to do just that Read Lucy's email here

2. Letters and parcels are so important for our scholars and so Simon offers some tips about how to ensure yours are delivered safely  Read on here

3. Our last, certainly not least, post update, is Chair John's report on Simon and his visit to Kenya and the new schools.  This is well worth a read as it gives the detail of the new schools for our scholars.  Read John's report here


All this demonstrates that the decision to close the BDA Secondary (allowing Joseph and Lydia to focus on expanding the successful Primary) was the right decision, at the right time 9 months ago.

Thank you for your continued interest and support...

KES Trustees....