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KES supports education in Kenya, by providing scholarships to significantly disadvantaged bright, pupils to be boarding students at Bahati Division Academy (BDA) and other Kenyan schools; and by contributing to resources and facilities which will assist the education of these students.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Sending Letters and Parcels to Scholars

Simon writes...

Happy Scholars Joyce and Grace
With their hand delivered parcels

Our KES scholars love to receive letters and, even better, parcels.  

One or two sponsors have asked me about sending letters and parcels to Kenya and whether they get through okay.

Well, the best way is to deliver them is by hand, as John and I did on our recent visit (see John's report below) but this is not always practical.  So what is my advice?

In short:
  • Letters themselves always seem to get through okay
  • Books seem to get through okay – providing that the package is obviously a book.
  • Packages that look more interesting – and particularly ones that can be slipped under a coat by an employee – are likely to disappear.  I wouldn’t advise sending a football shirt, in the ordinary post,for example.
  • We have found that other parcels do go missing somewhere in the system and the advice we got on our recent visit that if you do decide to send a present then the best way is via DHL.

A reminder of the new addresses for students:

Vanessa Grant Girls School
PO Box 14-20108
Rongai Kenya 

Sacred Heart Boys School
PO Box 238-20108
Rongai, Kenya 

Bahati Division Academy
PO Box 15413-20100
Nakuru Kenya