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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Kenyan General Election

Kenyans attended the polls on Tuesday in the General Election. Voters had the opportunity to vote for 6 key positions including President, Member of Parliament and Women's representative.

The Presidential contenders are the current president Uhuru Kenyatta and rival Raila Odinga.

Final results are still to be confirmed.

Interim results show that Uhuru Kenyatta has secured a victory but it will be days until the results are verified and confirmed.

Supporters of Odinga are contesting the result amid claims of hacking and are claiming instead that Odinga has won.

Neutral observers have claimed the interim results are fair and the claim of hacking has been dismissed, stating that the evidence of a hacking attempt was found but the attempt was unsuccessful and did not affect the results. The country is now in limbo and carefully watching events unfold, trying to keep calm between opposing party supporters to prevent unrest and the extent of violence that broke out after the 2010 election where 1,100 Kenyans were killed and 600,000 displaced.

Here's a link to an interest analysis from BBC. 

Updated 10 August 2017

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