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Friday, 16 June 2017

New Kenya school system pilot starts today

The pilot of a new school system begins today across the country, involving a selection of 470 schools.

The current system of 8-4-4 years (8 years of primary, 4 secondary and 4 university) has come under increasing criticism of being too exam based. The new proposed system will radically change to become 2-6-3-3 and understandably has large implications for the whole education system.

The Primary curriculum is also being changed with the aim to have continuous class-based monitoring and assessment instead of the current national examination at the end of the eighth year - the Kenya Certificated of Primary Education (KCPE).

The new structure was only agreed at the end of January and has already come under a lot of scrutiny and questioning whether four months is enough time for teachers to be retrained and the system given a fair chance to roll out successfully. We'll be keeping our eyes out for interim results and update on progress when we can.

To find out some more, have a look at the following links that set out the key differences and political challenges.

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Primary class at our link school BDA